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 Apartment, B & B all with access

to garden

Henne Strand Ferie

Henne Strand Ferie

good overnight place of peace and tranquility

Wireless Internet

2 Apartment

1 with 2 bedrooms bathroom and kitchen dining area

1 large with 3 bedrooms bathroom and kitchen dining area

Book online at the website

Nørre Nebel  Overnatning
Nr Nebel overnatning

Nørre Nebel Hostel

Nebel accommodation with good beds

access to shared kitchen and living room

with fireplace

Wireless Internet

Book online at the website


Nymindegab B &B

New renovated house with 4 rooms

Wireless Internet

Book online at the website

The way down
to the beach is a beautiful wiew with great areas and lovely sand.
Words are not necessary!

The homepage of "The Blue Flag" tells, that the Flag is awarded to Houstrup Beach 2010.
It flags all over Denmark from 05.06.14

Mounter Bike is a favorite activity

Now there again rally in Blaabjrg are plantation just Houstrup

Follow on See Ministry of Environment Nature Agency website

varde cykelklub

The way down to the beach is covered with wood, wich makes is easyer to cross the dune.
As well children as elderly people enjoys that


The North Sea Beachmaraton
You have great opportunity to watch the runners at Houstrup Beach.
More information on the homepage
Strand Marton

at Houstrup Beach is a great pleasure.
See the regulations for riding at www.skovognaturstyrelsen
At the corner of Houstrup Strandvej there is a circus in the months of July and August.
There is a performance every day except Saturday
Usually pm. 7 
Sonday pm. 3
Saturduy closed


Football Golf

In Outrup have started football golf. There is a good Inter around player who spread themselves more and more in Denmark

Dog forest


The running was a succes with no accidents.
If you will not join the runners, you can come to the beach, look at them and cheer them on!
In Houstrup there is a sign to the running at the beach, so it is easy to find it and it is easy to park your car.
Gas Accident 15.05.14
at Houstrup Beach.
Even Strandbiksen had no admission at the cordon off at Houstrup Beach.
The cordon off was soon removed, after there was control of the gas accident near the beach 

Houstrup Beach is a love beach, where one part of the beach is ment for ordinary people and another part is ment for the nudists.
A beach with tall dunes makes a good opportunity for shelter.
The residents from Henne Strand Ferie often use this beach and the magnificent nature around the beach.
People who want peace and quiet meet here, but there is also a possibility to be by oneself
Some people choose a bicycle, witch you can see on this foto from a cold but lovely day in February

Cars are not allowed at the beach
There is a free carpark at Houstrup Beach, and it is not possible to drive at the beach.
Many visitors enjoy that, especially familys with children
Blåbjerg Plantation
is a lovely area which is worth visiting. Walking or on bicycle.
It is 5 km. from Nørre Nebel and 7  km. from Lønne.
It takes 5 minutes to drive from Henne Strand Ferie, where you can stay for one or several days

The Animal Kingdom
There is a lot of different animals and plants in the neighbourhood of Houstrup Beach


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